My name is Elena and I'm a videographer based in London. I grew up in a small fishing village in the north of Spain and since then I've lived in Madrid, Barcelona, Helsinki and Amsterdam.


I'm a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter in a queer band called all cats are beautifulI'm a Pisces, I love pineapple pizza and I'm writing a comic book with my best friend.

I'm not Sally Ride - I'm a queer person that's always loved astronomy and dreamed of travelling to space since I was a kid. Sally Ride was the first LGBTQ+ woman to do that and she spent part of her life writing books to make science and astronomy more understandable and accessible to kids. I chose this name as a little homage to a person that paved the way even though I ended up choosing a more earthly occupation.



If you came all the way to this section, it means you are interested in my work. I’m currently based in London, but you can reach me from any part of the world by one of these two means:

0044 7818921397